50 Questions To Get To Know Your Ideal Customer - 17 page planner


When developing a marketing program, consider building an ideal customer profile. An ideal customer profile is an exercise and tool in understanding your target audience and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Defining your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) is a slightly different exercise to defining your broader target audience. For the purpose of this exercise, you want to have one person in mind.

Remember, we're talking about a pretend (or even real) person who is ideal for what you offer. If this person discovered your offer today, they would immediately think "this is exactly what I need right now".

This doesn't mean other people aren't a good fit for your offer. Of course there will be a variety of people who buy your offer. However, having one person in mind helps you to visualise and pretend you're talking to a real person when crafting your offer, branding and content.

It's also recommend having a photo of your ICA. You can use a stock image or even cut out a photo from a magazine.

Download this workbook planner to get started with understanding your ideal customers so you get more sales. 

What’s inside? 

  • 17 page workbook