Meet The Founder

Hey, I’m Shanel

I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 10 years now. My very first company was launched in 2012 Karma Jewelry. After launching that company, I would go on to start 3 more businesses!

In 2020 I saw the demand with so many people wanting to learn how to launch their own small business.

So I developed and created my first online digital e-commerce business. Teaching people how to do exactly what I do. Launching their own boutiques and more from scratch. Then I had 100s of people online watching my growth and they began asking if I could teach them how to ALSO launch a successful business. But in THEIR own desired niche/industry. 

That’s when ANOTHER aha moment came to me. What if I take all of the knowledge, expertise, and experience that I’ve accumulated in the last 10 years and launch an online small business platform teaching others how to build THEIR online presence. 

And that is how Girl Boss Babez came to life! 💕