100 Pinterest Groups



  • 7 Tips How To Go Viral On Pinterest 
  • 100 Pinterest Group Boards To Join.

*Quick How-To Guide & 100 Clickable Links Included. 

Excellent way to gain a TON of traffic to your website. 

Welcome to Pink N White Factory. Are you looking to gain engagement and followers on your Pinterest account with the help of group boards? Then this item is for you! With an excel document with over 100 different group boards to join for Etsy shop owners, this will really help skyrocket your Pinterest marketing strategy!

This Pinterest Group Board Item is for:
- Etsy shop owners looking to increase their traffic and engagement on Pinterest!
- Etsy shop owners who are looking for valuable group boards to join
on Pinterest!

The Group Boards Consist of the Following Sections and Amounts:
Small businesses 
Home decor 

What's included?:
- Excel document with 100+ Group Board Links for you to join, easily click on the links to join!
- Excel document group board planner
- 7 Page Printable group board information and planner in size:


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