150+ Vendors - Ultimate Vendor List: Business Package - (A guide to making money immediately!)


Not getting any sales from your business? This e-book breaks down strategies that have been used to convert your engaged audience to sales. Have great quality products that just won't SALE? This is the book for YOU! We offer 35+ pages of information we found to work successfully with our 2 businesses.

How Can This Help You?

  • Gives you precise strategies on how grow your brand.
  • Teaches you how to gain traffic/ sales to your website
  • Hacks & Tips for Shopify the #1 web host for small business owner’s.
  • Take the guess work and searching for funding your business.

 This book also includes information about vendors and how to also connect with them

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ULTIMATE VENDOR LIST Last Updated 7/8/2021

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( Same Vendors used by Fashion Nova & Pretty Little Thing Vendors ) 💅🏽🙌🏽💰

💰40 Boutique Clothing Vendors
💰10 Cosmetic Vendors
💰30 Accessories Vendors
💰15 Hair Vendors
💰26 Lash Vendors
💰8 Sunglasses Vendor
💰14 Lip Gloss Vendors
💰10 Trendy Shoe Vendors
💰5 Handbag Vendors
💰8 Packaging Vendors
💰Raw Hair Vendor
💰Braiding Hair Vendor
💰Menswear Vendor
💰Scrubs Vendor
💰Shoe Vendor
💰Fur Slides Vendor
💰Designer Bag Vendor
💰Phone Case Vendor
💰Vending Machine Vendor

*Some vendors require Vendor License depending on your state. Many wholesale vendors on our list, will let you buy without any business documents. 


These E-Books are made with the busy small business owners in mind, so it’s a quick read with vital tips.

📚How To Communicate With Vendors
📚How To Find The Perfect Vendors
📚How To Make Your Business Legal
📚How To Grow A Business
📚How To Overcome Your Fear Of Starting A
📚Best Hashtags
📚Business Plan Editable Template
📚5 Top Marketing Strategies
📚100 Pinterest Groups to Join
📚Resellers Permit Information
📚Website Hacks - Shopify
📚Business Grants

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Demand is continuing to shift, and ecommerce is expected to reach a staggering five trillion dollars USD) in sales in 2021 according to the BCG Consumer Sentiment survey.📈📊

Now is the time for you to get a piece of the pie. 🥧 💰

Start making money with an online business today! 💰💰

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